Meet Aaron Hark

MVI_0295 ( we start blogging we’re going to focus first on introducing you to our most important asset; our staff. So meet Aaron Hark.

Aaron is originally from Canton, Mo. He attended Culver Stockton College where he was a standout Basketball player. He has been with Sam’s for 14 years. He started dish washing and has done every job in the place. He is a cornerstone at Sam’s and is now an important part of management. Without Aaron’s common sense approach and even keeled personality Sam’s would be less of a success.

You’ll find Aaron behind the bar most times and serving in the bar as well. If you love talking sports come to the bar and you’ll have all the talk you can handle.

Aaron is also an ardent fisherman, great mixologist, witty person and a delight to have as a part of our staff.

Aaron also claims to have seen a 167 l.b. beaver and that there is a man that can throw a baseball 167 m.p.h..

Come in and enjoy a drink or a burger at the bar with Aaron!